So many businesses just began on an idea, or even accidentally. Only about 10% go on to survive, and that’s mostly on pure talent, hard work, determination and a shit load of luck.

It’s not enough anymore to have good product, or just to be present. It’s so easy to have and make a digital presence that any guy you find at the 7-11 could set one up for you. Everybody in the first world has access to starting up a business that can be made into something. And that’s f**king wonderful.

But then, there’s also a whole lot of noise.

Trying to keep up on it all, and separating yourself from the also-rans is both easier and more difficult in this day and age. Without a solid plan and digital presence, you’re really living on borrowed time, and not maximizing your ful potential.

It can be costly, both physically, emotionally, time-wise and produce a lot of unnecessary stress.

I just launched matter in 2015 because I realized I had a lot of ways I can help small, creative, emerging and interesting businesses thrive in the digital age.

By combining over 15 years of experience in management, graphic and web design, marketing, copywriting, email marketing and more, I have developed a methodology which I believe will help be the catalyst for greater good for brands and the world.

I’ll be honest, this is as much for me as anyone else. There’s a distinct pain I know in business owners that I can help with. Together, we can find more financial security, confidence and really fun.

Contact me to see how we might be a good fit together.


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