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That’s what your business should be giving you.

Is yours?

Discover what a purpose-driven digital presence can do for you.

Most businesses have a digital presence, and that’s good. Most don’t know what they’re doing with them though, or how well they’re working. That’s bad.

It’s costing them and probably you too. You’re likely missing out on more customers, higher revenues, greater competitive advantage and more financial security.

That sucks. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s good news for you. When you have a strategy behind your site and marketing efforts, you’ll out pace, out innovate, outspend and have more security against your competitors and the economy.

Better yet though, I think, is you’ll have a greater sense of clarity and purpose, more motivation, and your business will be working for you, not you working for your business.

Best thing though, is you’ll have more customers who love you and your brand, who will champion you and will be with you for the long haul. A base you can grow and count on.

Instead of worrying about what you’ll make this month, whether or not you’ll get more customers, how many did you lose, is Facebook even worth it? Instead of having dread and scattered half-hearted efforts hanging over your head, poisoning your life, you could be feel secure in knowing you’ve got a reliable and recurring source of revenue, that you’ll be working on ways of scaling up and improving your business instead of just staying afloat.

That’d pretty amazing, yeah?

It’s all right there for you, if you just know how to get it.

Beyond just websites, Matter designs digital growth engines.

Put simply, Matter makes your business more money.

It all begins and ends with your website. It’s the hub of all your online and offline efforts, it’s where people go to learn about your brand and your business.

Your website is your most important marketing asset, and it’s worth way too much to your business to not be treated as such.

Unlike probably every other designer and developer out there, I get that it takes way more than a pretty design to get your site to get your results that actually matter, that add something to your bottom line. It has to be functional, gives visitors what they’re after and that actually provides a positive ROI.

I have an extensive background in marketing that informs all of my decisions. That’s the difference between merely a decorative site, and a site that makes you more money.

I’ve created a streamlined process which covers all the fundamental and necessary considerations in creating a digital presence that works.

The Best Outcomes Come from the Best Processes

Matter employs a custom methodology that allows brands to rapidly connect, convert & engage with it’s ideal customers.


When it comes to marketing and a brand’s online presence, most businesses don’t have a process much less a plan at all. It can feel overwhelming, but most know something’s missing. It’s costly.

It costs businesses customers they failed to find. It costs them customers they failed to retain, and it costs them revenue they could have had.  At worst, it can cost you your business.

I have compiled over a decades worth of experience in marketing, management, copywriting, graphic design, web design and development, branding and more into a adaptable and repeatable model which allows me to rapidly and systematically help brands to define who they are, find more of their right customers and convert and retain them.

 It creates a holistic blueprint to address your marketing across time and channels, with one goal in mind – to provide you with a systematic, repeatable and reliable revenue & growth across channels.


This is where it all begins, and is the most critical part of the project. Here I dive deep into getting to know the brand, where it stand and where it wants to go. I discover insights on who they best serve, and what it’s customers really need. I analyze the competition, the threats and opportunities, look for the leaks and find the big wins.


  • Brand Story
  • USP
  • Manifesto
  • Brand Audit Matrix
  • Customer Insights
  • Renewed Sense of Purpose and Clarity
  • Optimism
  • Drive


This stage is where I build out the process. I outline all that was learned and assemble the strategies, timelines, milestones, journeys, guidelines and needs. The project plan is developed here, and is shared with you. You will be able to look at it online anytime you like once it is developed. This will be how it will all work.

  • Marketing Plan
  • Content Audit
  • Marketing Assets – Centralized and Accessible
  • Editorial & Promotional Calendar
  • Content Workflows & Templates
  • Brand & Content Guidelines
  • Best Practices for Promotions
  • Solution Architecture
  • Application of Customer Insights
  • Email Marketing Templates
Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.Steve Jobs


This is the production phase of your project, the actual creation and execution of the plan from production to launch. This could be anything from small design tweaks to complete overhauls. Content is edited and/or produced, templates are made, journeys are mapped, leads are generated, accomplishment becomes real.

  • Revitalized Digital Properties
  • Content Updates
  • Integration of 3rd Party tools
  • Content Creation
  • Redesigned Site & Site Architecture
  • (Re)Launch of the site


After launch, there is still work to do. At this point, you’ll have everything you need to move forward with your marketing. Whether you or your team will  handle it all or not is up to you. The decisions were made on data, best practices in conversion, and brand needs. But we’ll never be absolutely sure how they work in the wild. This phase analyzes and optimizes what we learn as your customers start interacting with your new materials. Based on the actions and feedback, all parts of your plan are further refined and executed to gain maximum reach, conversion and opportunities.

  • Analytics & Testing
  • PPC/Advertising
  • Ongoing Reporting
  • Editing & Optimizing
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Ongoing Marketing Support

Websites that Sell | Marketing that Converts | Insights for Real Growth and More


The online world of a brand is a complex, eco-system of shifting, connected and amorphous parts.

When managed and working together, it’s pretty amazing what can happen for your customers and your business.

Each part, each business have a different level of need and importance. You might need a wholly integrated plan and execution, or you you may need just a few key pieces.

I look for the best solutions for you. I can be a one-man resource for a done-for-you service with complete accountability, or integrate within your existing work structure to help you and your team manage the digital universe.

Strategy & Insight

  • Growth Consulting
  • Market Analysis
  • Customer Insights
  • Brand Analysis & Audit
  • Marketing Plans
  • Revenue Opportunities
  • Product & Digital Innovation

Design & Development

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Branding & ID
  • Content Templates
  • Branding & Style Guides
  • Editorial & Promotional Calendars
  • E-commerce Integration


  • Lead Generation
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Advertising


  • Analytics & Testing
  • Converions Optimization
  • Copywriting
  • Community Engagement
  • Customer Insights
  • Sales Funnels

Who’s this Guy?

Hey, I’m Tully.

I’m a one-man Marketing Department by day for a multi-million year business, semi-frequent freelancer, husband, dad, and a Vikes fan.

I just launched Matter in 2015, as it pains me every time I see a business struggle, and know it doesn’t have to be that way. I started Matter to give creative, independent business owners more direction, freedom and security – myself included.

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